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🎰 eBay Money Back Guarantee


Ebay is a complete joke. I had an auction that clearly stated no returns accepted. The buyer opened a case and eBay decided it in his favor. I called them and asked how the buyer could possibly win the case when it says no returns accepted and they basically told me they side on the buyers most of the time.
Here’s how to get your money back. Go to My eBay. If your item hasn’t arrived or isn’t as described, go to My eBay, find the item in your purchase history, and select return or item not received within 30 days of delivery.
Returns are part of selling on eBay whether sellers advertise that they accept them on a listing or not. eBay’s Money Back Guarantee (MBG) allows buyers to return an item if it is ‘not as described’ and also assists when an item is not received. eBay sellers should understand the limits of a return policy and the impact of the MBG on transactions.

Ebay Buyer Calls me a Liar, wants his money back!

Learn more about what the eBay Money Back Guarantee means to sellers." I recently got hit with a return even though it was a No Returns item through the Money Back Guarantee, as it was a new console that gave up the ghost when it arrived to the customer.
eBay Money Back Guarantee is a form of protection that allows buyers to shop with more confidence on eBay. When buyers check out and pay for an eligible item using PayPal or a credit card, they can get their money back for an item not received or item not as described.
Unlike a traditional store, however, there is no “customer service counter” or “refunds and exchanges” counter on eBay. Instead, returns and refunds have to be coordinated through direct communication between buyer and seller until both parties are satisfied.
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Item doesn't work/defective, seller offers no retu... - The eBay Community Ebay money back guarantee no returns


Ebay accused of failing its sellers as fraudulent buyers manipulate the system. under eBay’s “money back guarantee”.. who offer free or 30-day returns the ability to allow partial.
All sellers must advertise their return policy within eBay listings. Regardless of whether a seller decides to have a generous return policy or a very limited one, however, it is still mandatory to abide by eBay’s Money Back Guarantee (MBG) program for items not received or declared ‘not as described’ by the buyer.
eBay Money Back Guarantee policy eBay Money Back Guarantee means you'll get your money back if the item you ordered didn't arrive, is faulty or damaged, or doesn't match the listing. Conditions and exclusions apply, so for all the details of how the eBay Money Back guarantee works, please see our full policy guidelines below.

starburst-pokieEbay Refund Guide - Get Your Money Back From a Bad Seller - YouTube Ebay money back guarantee no returns

Online Customer Service | eBay Ebay money back guarantee no returns

eBay Money Back Guarantee. Most eBay sales go smoothly, but if there's a problem with a purchase, the eBay Money Back Guarantee ensures that buyers receive the item they ordered or get their money back.
Solved: Do this mean that I Can not use money back guarantee if the seller does not sent the product I bought “No returns and backed by the eBay Cookies help us customize the PayPal Community for you, and some are necessary to make our site work.
According to eBay, the protection aims to help when payment isn’t given and to make sure no negative feedback is given when an eBay Money Back Guarantee request is resolved in the seller’s favour.

Ebay money back guarantee no returnscasinobonus

ebay money back guarantee no returns Original review: May 10, 2019 Tiffany from the returning department was super kind, understanding and helpful.
I gave the customer service a call for help.
I was more than happy to talk to a live person that could help me and not wait on hold for a very long time.
Thank you eBay for the help.
Overseas and within my own country USA I have been both a seller and customer.
I have been both upset and satisfied with selling and buying.
Honestly more satisfied than unhappy!
I will never cheat on eBay with Amazon or any other "big market" site well wish.
But overall I don't think anyone would ever completely understand how much we have saved over all these years, literally we have probably saved by now hundreds if not thousands and thousands of dollars using eBay!
Nothing like that can tarnish our ideas about how fantastic eBay is and has always been for us!
The world isn't perfect.
It's flawed so much more than eBay if you REALLY REALLY think about it in comparison to a few ideas leaning in favor of seller or buyer, like the scheme; "money back guarantee" understandably not fair for sellers.
BUT honestly think about HOW much MORE you gained from eBay than lost!!
I'm almost positive that there are more success stories than fails, in all 20?
Years eBay has been around working for YOU.
You all know I'm right!???
Let your Prejudiced thoughts or jealousies go, come on people.
Just admit how much we love eBay.
Not sure how to choose?
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Original review: March 9, 2019 I've been on eBay for 19 years as a buyer and seller and have tipped the scales between the two frequently.
HOWEVER, they have improved by leaps and bounds on customer service and support.
The support staff is knowledgeable and has been trained very well.
In past years they would route their CS support via India and I had trouble understanding thru heavy accents.
This is no longer the case.
After having more options as a seller available, I can say that I appreciate eBay more than in the past.
Ebay versus Tradesy: eBay is the winner faster payouts, better customer service and broader audience.
Ebay versus Poshmark: too different to compare.
Give eBay another chance.
I did and the benefits are real.
I ebay money back guarantee no returns their genuine care as this is normally lost with a company as large as eBay.
But if everyone handled their business this way the world would be a much more pleasant place.
A small but happy fish in the sea of eBay users.
I really wish there was a way the customer can leave a star rating feedback on how well the item purchased was packaged.
The postal service is bound to give a lil damage to boxes, etc.
For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.
Original review: June 16, 2019 I trusted ebay money back guarantee no returns and start buying and selling and I have 100% positive feedback.
All my customer very happy.
They stopped my business for no reason but the truth reason they just want special sellers to sell.
It's very bad business for everyone.
I work in Facebook and OfferUp and Mercari, very excellent people.
Original review: June 15, 2019 Customer service is rude, not willing to resolve problems and tell you off.
They suspended my account for no reason.
I tried to login from another country, then they said it wasn't me of course I knew it was meand they say they refuse to reinstate my account and refused to provide feedback or help reinstate it after wanting to prove that the account belongs to me.
When I want to speak to their managers, they hand up on me!
If you did this at Amazon for example, they would almost beg you to stay with them and sell on their platform, but eBay is pushing its customers, users and sellers away, and don't value them at all!
Management should really take this seriously and take further actions, as this will not end well and people will turn away from eBay on the longer term.
My suggestion is for other users, sellers, etc.
Original review: June 14, 2019 I was a seller on eBay and I had listed the series 3 Apple Watch.
Excited from all the views and watchlist numbers I was optimistic that I would sell the item quickly.
Offers started to come in which would normally be a good thing but the offers were more than I priced the watch at.
I gave counteroffers and I finally thought I found a real buyer and not a scammer.
I sold the item and eBay claimed that the payment was there but it would have a hold because I was a new seller.
I was informed once the item was seen as the delivered then the payment would be release to my account.
So I ship the item, include the tracking number for the item and literally 20 minutes after I shipped it eBay sends an email saying I sold to a scam account.
I then called eBay to get some clarification on what I needed to do and if I was still getting the money I promised was on hold.
No one knew what to do.
I talked to 6 different representatives, growing frustrated and angry as the calls progressed.
No one knew what to do so I hang up ebay money back guarantee no returns drive 35 minutes back to the post office to see if I could stop the shipment which I did.
The Post office then charged me additional fees for retrieving the package.
I then informed them that a coupon cannot translate into physical money back in my pocket that I needed for everyday life.
My question was to them where is the money that was on hold for me when I sold the item and they had no response.
Original review: June 13, 2019 I had been looking at an auction for a week with the page open on my computer and there was a code that said "pay less - show me how - and then the code".
I won the back to the future slots and applied the code at checkout.
When I applied it at checkout it first went through on the checkout page, but when I logged in to PayPal it was deleted.
Because I always like to pay immediately, I paid and then contacted customer support.
Daizy of customer support didn't understand what happened so she contacted the Marketing Team and they had the audacity to say that the code was invalid, basically implicitly calling me a liar or a cheater because I had said that I had the page open in front of me with the code all week and in spite of a screenshot I had taken of how the code was applied at checkout before PayPal and in spite of the code STILL being on all listings in the same category and also all listings of the same seller.
Daizy had "ordered" me to reply to her email with the outcome of what the Marketing Team had said, so I did.
I told Daizy that I wanted to escalate the problem which was my right as a consumerbut she stopped communication with me, basically agreeing with the Marketing Team that they were right and I was wrong, and refused to tell me how I could escalate the problem.
I later contacted support again and spoke to another person who said they would contact their Manager, who saw that the code was applied, but asked for a proof of the exact code, although eBay staff is able to see codes even if they did consider, ebay paypal get money back would go through, and I know this for sure because in my first live chat with Daizy she said that she could see that the code PRANCE had been applied but did not reflect in the system.
She could see it, but they couldn't?
Luckily I had a transcript of the conversation so I sent them a proof and I have not heard back from them since they got the can get money back for shopping online apologise they were asking for.
A total rip-off that will be reported to the proper authorities next week if I don't receive a satisfactory reply by the end of Friday.
The only positive aspect is that I am finally done with eBay and their deceitful tactics, so they won't rip me off again.
Original review: June 12, 2019 I hear many stories about Ebay leaning toward the buyers and shafting the sellers, well it just happened to me.
A buyer purchased an item from me, and as soon as they received it said it wasn't the item they purchased.
I asked the buyer to send a picture of what they purchased, they refused.
Ebay stepped in and did absolutely nothing.
In fact they refunded the buyer from my account for the purchase price plus return shipping which never happened.
So I paid for shipping twice and lost my items to a buy who knows they can get away with anything on Ebay.
I've pulled all my items for sale on Ebay, and will never sell again.
Original review: June 10, 2019 I purchased a Samsung tablet and I broke it.
So last year 2018 I purchased another, both from eBay.
I also purchased a SquareTrade warranty.
My tablet is not working right.
Meanwhile I contacted eBay to use my other gmail account, they told me what to do.
However they did not tell me that if I used a different email account they would close my current account and ALL OF MY HISTORY WOULD BE GONE.
Pryor to this eBay has been great to me.
But this time they have dropped the ball like there was never a ball invented.
They erased everything without giving me the option.
My SquareTrade warranty information was there, and SquareTrade tells me without a date of purchase they can't find the warranty.
Which in itself is ludicrous, they can't even check by phone numbers!
So I spent money with eBay, but can't get help with this problem.
They contacted me once and told me of the first tablet and that the warranty is over, I contacted them again and told them that the one they are speaking of is the older one.
And they REFUSE to talk with me on this ebay money back guarantee no returns though I have contacted them several times respectfully.
They misguided me and refuse to take responsibility.
This is a terrible way to treat a loyal customer.
Original review: June 10, 2019 Called eBay customer service ebay money back guarantee no returns report an order to our account that we did not place.
The account is under my wife's name so they told me they would not do anything to address the issue unless she called.
Told them she was working and could not call but was told they would not do anything about an order placed on a hacked account until she could call.
Told them our account was used but the charge was not on our credit card.
Told me they would not address this matter at this time.
Original review: June 10, 2019 I have been on eBay since they started, both as a buyer and a seller, same account, small-time for both roles.
I have been scammed by both buyers and sellers.
Hollywood, FL - Never mail here.
I was a Fraud Analyst, we never saw as much scams as we did out of here.
Lady bought my 2 Blazers, USPS Priority, says only 1 came.
Doesn't want to return, wants another Blazer I have for sale sent to her, Priority, for Free.
Ask "was package open?
She informed me it was possible.
I informed her she must be a Professional Illusionist for such a thing to happen.
Even threw some David Copperfield her way, knew I'm getting bad feedback.
Said for her to make a USPS claim, of course, not gonna involve them, the govt.
So I made one.
She mailed back her 1 Blazer, kept other stolen one for free, then USPS honored my claim after questioning her on the loss, so I was out no money.
Sold that Blazer again.
A Buyer didn't like the incense she bought from me, posted that I made this incense, Nag Champa Made in India, in my home.
Another bought 10 boxes, burned it all, wanted a full refund.
Told me no one in her temple liked it either.
Yet they use every last stick, and free burners I sent her.
If you buy on eBay, never use your PAYPAL BALANCE, if you have one.
Most Sellers carry a Balance, never use this to buy anything.
I used mine to pay a cell phone bill, one of those Take Any Phones to Any Company, yet my phone wouldn't work with this one co.
They wouldn't refund my months of phone bills, PayPal sided with them, and I'd used my balance to pay.
Never use that balance.
Always use a Visa, MC, Amex, or Discover.
Then if you pay for say an Apple iPhone, but you receive a shipping box filled with dirt, or a plastic phone back, guess who will believe you?
Not eBay, not PayPal, your Credit Card Issuer is your chance.
Original review: June 9, 2019 I bought an iPhone 6s in November 2018 for £227 and it came with a 2 year warranty.
The phone broke within 6 months, it started getting hot and split across the top.
I've never seen a phone do that before.
I can't be without my phone so I had to buy a new phone for a further £146 and have been waiting 6 weeks for Gadget Outlet to sort this out and give me a refund.
I want my £226.
I have spent so time and much money replacing this phone, moving all my info across it has left me inconvenienced and broke.
PayPal the same after 180 days.
This is a frustrating nightmare.
No one should buy from Gadget Outlet, ever!
Original review: June 9, 2019 Prices were good upfront with the related prices and shipping, etc.
Original review: June 8, 2019 I have very bad experience with eBay customer support, as they did not do anything to help.
Refused to help in anything so I lost money, my item as a seller.
Buyer sent back the item which I refunded to wrong address.
Item was delivered and signed by someone at wrong address.
Royal mail refused to go back and redeliver to another address as item was taken by somebody.
My returned address was written properly on eBay site but they are saying it was missing.
So seems item disappeared, eBay refused to help.
Of course it's not Royal Mail problem as they delivered.
Do not use eBay, as it's really not proper organized platform.
Original review: June 5, 2019 Today's lesson: Don't trust eBay feedback.
I never received an item.
Contacted the seller, did all the appropriate steps.
I left honest feedback and eBay deleted it.
Lesson learned, eBay not to be trusted.
Original review: June 4, 2019 My account was hacked and my bank says it's up to eBay to report unauthorized read article and give my money back, eBay says it's up to my bank.
But the main thing is MY EBAY ACCOUNT WAS HACKED AND USED and EBAY DOES NOTHING for customer security and to resolve the issue.
Zero customer service, zero attention, they are ZERO, nonresponsible organisation!
Original review: June 4, 2019 I called the ebay customer service regarding the fees.
Instead of explaining what the fees are about she was saying hmmm uhh.
Extremely rude person name Kay.
I will be stop selling on ebay.
Original review: June 3, 2019 We were contacted by a buyer on Etsy telling us that a seller was selling our product.
They refuse to take the item down.
Even after hours of emails and proof.
Original review: June 3, 2019 After 6 phone calls and spending hours on the phone talking to various departments and supervisors at eBay about a seller listing fraudulent products, eBay has done NOTHING to curtail the activities of that seller!
In fact, when I went to leave a "Negative" review about that seller, eBay changed my review to "Positive" and now states they CANNOT remove MY review or change it to "Negative" as I posted it.
Obviously eBay does NOT care about protecting its buyers, but is instead protecting some of the SCAM artists sellers that continue to operate with eBay's blessings!
BUYER BEWARE or better yet, stop buying on eBay altogether!
Original review: June 2, 2019 eBay just flat out sucks!
I will never, ever buy or sell anything on eBay or deal with PayPal ever again!!
Worst incompetent, dim-witted team ever that can never seem to solve any issues or just don't know nothing, definitely so done with this ridiculous scam article source and PayPal either!!
Original review: June 1, 2019 I have been buying from eBay for 15 years.
So I Decided to sell, and before shipping the item it was damaged by my dog, issued a refund for the buyer and apologized for the inconvenience and issued him a refund, left a negative feedback and eBay would not do anything about it.
NEVER sell on eBay.
Facebook is the way to sell.
I sell on ebay full time and at first I thought i could actually make a living doing this.
Technically it can be done, but you better have a connection to products for peanuts or it's not worth it.
Even buying an item on clearance at a retail store for 75% off, you will not profit after fees.
And if you're lucky enough to find a good source bulk items, you still wont "get rich".
Well dont spend that money, because when they get the charger port wet and it no longer charges 29 days later, RETURN REQUEST.
There is no seller protection whatsoever.
The "appeals department" is a bunch of flat out liars.
The only way you will win your appeal is if you demand to speak to a manager, not a supervisor, but a manager.
I hate what eBay has become.
Original review: May 31, 2019 eBay Selling: DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL PAYMENT METHOD, because PAYPAL is not see more of eBay anymore, and you'll have to explain everything to two different entities if there are any disputes with the buyer.
Original review: May 31, 2019 I have ordered a few things from eBay, and two of the items turned out to be fake.
One pair of Golden Goose sneakers and I spent 2500 on a fake Chanel Clutch.
I never bothered getting refunded for the golden goose because so much time has passed and I paid 300 for them.
If the item is fake, they refund, and if it is real, they will ship it out with a card of authentication by their team.
Unless the authenticator can see it personally, it is too difficult to tell nowadays.
Either way, eBay needs a learn more here system to protect their buyers.
Original review: May 30, 2019 Ebay does not make clear that they are charging you for simply using their website anywhere that one could easily see.
A minor created an account as my husband and they have an invoice saying he owes money, having never bought or sold anything!
Tried to remove listed items and it warned that he would be charged additionally for doing so.
They will not allow his account deleted until the items time is up.
Any issue taken ebay money back guarantee no returns of right away.
Needing clothing items to fill in my wardrobe after lost weight.
Not such a good idea.
Sellers' standards are poor and eBay does not support see more, but protect and ad lib for sellers info that is untrue.
First off, have received about six items total of which two were very soiled.
Expect this is not important to eBay.
Hair and old perfume, and filthy dirty clothes not a concern to sellers, "return it", sufficient after I washed it and liked the item.
Then got a message after the holiday week-end that the Seller cancelled the sale remember delivery said had started three days earlier and were sending me a refund.
This seems to be not surprising or untoward by eBay.
The Seller had blocked my access to talk to them about the top being advertised on their site when they report to my purchase history it was shipped.
Same Seller was apparently insulted that my Bid for another clothing item, jeans, was too low.
Does this make sense?
Dirty clothes, smelly clothes and have to debate with aggressive eBay staff demanding that I accept her interpretation show much favoritism and protecting the seller.
She ignored the fact the Seller is not made to hold to bidding price in both cases, one taking payment then returning it without consulting with me for an explanation.
Same seller for both the top and the jeans.
The eBay staff treated me so aggressively as if she was trained interrogation in getting confessions from political prisoners.
Boy, What a Kafka experience.
Think I will be done shopping on eBay.
Stupid to buy even new clothes on eBay since all manufacturers have different sizing and can never tell how they will fit.
Then knowing that 33% will arrive filthy, dirty and smelly needing immediate cleaning.
If you are allergic to perfume do not shop there.
They said no dogs or smoking in home of clothing.
Really, how can they assure this.
I wrote them a complaint itemizing things that happened on one day much of it about the seller mentioned with the top and jeans, and the dirty top from another seller that had to be washed immediately.
Shoes from a store were Asia size 8, not US, and could not even get my foot into them.
AT first I was told I had to pay for shipping return.
New shoes name brand seemed safe to order for my neuropathic feet.
But never again will order shoes.
Seems we should buy locally if at all possible.
They want to block my access to return more defective items that are due to arrive in the mail for sure.
Never buy used or even so called New Without Tag, NWT, items.
Seems even the brands are counterfeited.
So called exclusive name brand pants were knock offs.
If you like paying shipping more than the cost of the item too it is foolish.
Shipping sometimes free but not when you return items, and many items not returnable.
Why shop there for clothes?
I was going to look for a Rice Cooker but Smiths had just the right size and price the next day and bought it.
No shipping, and works great and price lower than I can find on eBay or Amazon.
Shop locally, shop for your community jobs and businesses and get to touch it and examine it and have the business close if it fails.
Picture on a screen is just not sensory enough to know what the heck you are getting.
Original review: May 28, 2019 I am a repetitively new seller on eBay.
I love shoes, unfortunately developed a foot neuroma recently, and can no longer wear my favorite heels.
I decided to list a nearly brand new pair of Christian Louboutin "so Kate" heels, for a fraction of what they are actually worth.
I listed 7 descriptive pictures along with text description of the shoes.
The seller fought me on price, but I decided to let her get a great bargain.
The funds were about to be released to my bank from Paypal, when I found out she had filed a return request.
She was stating that the shoes weren't as pictured, that they were in fact a different style.
I had selected the "no returns" box on this listing.
I attached 4 pictures from a google search explaining what traits make the shoe the particular style, as well as pictures of the shoe from different angles.
She refused to cancel her return request.
I have called customer service 3 times, spoken with 2 customer service agents as well as a supervisor.
They all took a look at my listing as well as the proof I sent to the buyer, and all agreed she filed a false claim, and I should wait 4 more days to ask eBay to step in.
Fast forward 4 days, turns out my buyer decided she didn't like the shoes, bought a different pair, and it is a "buyers remorse" claim.
They now want me to PAY to have her return the shoes.
At this point she has had the shoes for about 10 days, there is no telling how much she decided to wear them around town, I was told if the shoes return back to me in poor condition, I will get my money she owes me for the shoes.
I said, "well that is fine and good, but those shoes are high end, and depreciate every time you wear them, I will visit web page not be able to resell them.
I can't wear them because of my foot.
Now how am I protected as a seller, because I feel taken advantage of?
This is a ridiculous policy, what eBay is doing would basically be allowing a customer to order a meal, eat the entire thing, and then claim it was disgusting; they actually wanted something different and demand a refund.
Why do buyers get all the protection to be deceptive, dishonest and take advantage of sellers?
I will not be selling anything ever again on eBay.
Original review: May 27, 2019 I would like to return an item which was not what was pictured.
Could not get a rep in the U.
I do not have a working printer so it was suggested I go to a library.
I was also told if they did send a label it would take at least 30 days or more to get it.
That does not make sense to me, and is poor customer service.
The customer rep also suggested I ask a friend to print it out for me.
Actually, eBay is responsible, and, in my opinion, this request should not be a problem for a company that sells items like eBay.
It should be a courtesy they are happy to extend to a requesting customer.
I was also told I had to have the item back to the company by June 4 which is not very much time.
The customer service rep was nice but kept repeating the same thing -- there was no "understanding" acknowledgement as to my end of it which was a bit frustrating to me, and which is why I prefer to speak to a representative in the U.
I was told they could not connect me to someone in the U.
This really makes me not want to purchase with eBay, and I am disappointed with their customer service protocols and, overall, replies.
To see why, sign up below!
At ConsumerAffairs we love to hear from both consumers and brands; please never hesitate to.
We take privacy seriously, please refer to our to learn more about how we keep you protected.
Advertisements on this site are placed and controlled by outside advertising networks.
See the for more information.
The information on our website is general in nature and is not intended as a substitute for competent legal advice. ebay money back guarantee no returns ebay money back guarantee no returns ebay money back guarantee no returns ebay money back guarantee no returns ebay money back guarantee no returns ebay money back guarantee no returns

Don't give in to fraudulent return requests..eBay money back guarantee and managed returns abuse!

eBay Money Back Guarantee Ebay money back guarantee no returns

Return an item for a refund | eBay Ebay money back guarantee no returns

eBay Money Back Guarantee is a form of protection that allows buyers to shop with more confidence on eBay. When buyers check out and pay for an eligible item using PayPal or a credit card, they can get their money back for an item not received or item not as described.
According to eBay, the protection aims to help when payment isn’t given and to make sure no negative feedback is given when an eBay Money Back Guarantee request is resolved in the seller’s favour.
warning all ebay sellers! BEWARE OF THE BUYERS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Please watch: "5 Reasons Why I Don't Buy Lepin LEGO Clone Sets & Why I took down one of my most popular videos!"


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